TechAlta has a PC tune up service that can improve system performance and assist in the lifespan of your hardware.

Without regular maintenance your PC can become slow or cluttered.


Here are some examples of what can be done:

  •  SSD (Solid State Disk) upgrade
  •  Case cleaning (Removal of dust that causes the system temperature to increase and shorten its reliability)
  •  Cable management (A properly wired case allows for proper airflow and cooler operating temperature)
  •  Operating system cleanup (Removal of unneeded temporary files, start up items, applications and more can increase free space and system performance)
  •  Software updates (Antivirus, Windows security patches, hardware device drivers)
  •  Disk Defragmentation (A frequently used system is recommended to have this performed for quicker file access)
  •  Hardware and software upgrade recommendations

We are currently providing this service for Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Contact us today for inquires about a PC tune up.