Computers are more than just device we use to check the weather forecast with. We interact in social media, listen to music, edit home videos, and even play games with others across the world. It is for some, an instinctual routine before getting ready for the day. A dependency we grow on and take for granted until issues occur and the worst happens. Finding someone to fix it!

When problems arise, some will call their siblings, or the neighbourhood kid to fix things. This may work for a period of time, until the issue may grow from an injected virus in suspiciously obtained software they received from another friend. Do not be another statistic, and instead do IT the right way and contact TechAlta.

TechAlta initially started doing home computer repairs and setups. Increasing RAM, resetting forgotten passwords, or upgrading to the latest Windows operating system. Since then we have expanded to a wide variety of services including setting up wireless access points to increase your wireless coverage in your home, to web and e-mail hosting for small home-based businesses.

To keep things simple, we recommend creating a list of items needing to be fixed, or even just questions you might have and sending it to us. It allows us to be prepared as best as possible with any tools we may require, or further information to answer your questions. We clearly explain things in a non-geek language what we do at the time of work if you are curious, and also outline the scope of the work completed, on our invoices.

If you do not see a service you require, feel free to give us a call at (780) 497-2202.

Common Residential Services We Provide