Some of the possible hardware installation you may want include:

– Ram upgrades

Is your office application running slow? Add more ram to allow you to run memory dependent or multiple applications at once  .

– Hard drive additions

Running out of space on your system and do not want to delete the existing data? Add or expand your hard drive capacity.

– Video card upgrades

Trying to watch that HD video streaming on the internet? A dedicated video card helps process that data, leaving your CPU to worry about the rest.

– Cooling solutions

Hot, dusty, and enclosed environments can lead to increased internal temperatures and shorten the lifespan of your hardware. A fan or case replacement can relieve this stress on on your system.

– Surge protection, and battery backup / UPS solutions

These can provide a filtered and extended additional power source in the case of a outage or voltage fluctuation.

Without one of these products, the result can be sudden shutdowns and power spikes to your equipment. With the use of a UPS with a battery matched to the up time needed, you can allow your computer or electronic device to stay powered for a limited duration before needing to be powered off.

– RAID solutions

This is typically done on servers to prevent data loss by creating a mirror image of the data drive. Specialized backup solutions can also include this type of configuration. More information can be found here.


We are currently providing this service for Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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