TechAlta has a unique tool that allows us to do hard drive duplication. This gives us the ability to do bit for bit drive copying, otherwise known as mirroring.

This is great for upgrading to a larger storage or to a fast solid state drive (SSD) for better performance. This could be your easiest tune up/upgrade to your computer yet.


With an exact copy of a hard drive from a server, desktop computer, or laptop, where configuration must be kept the same as the previous drive, makes upgrading to larger drive capacities or disk analysis easier.

This device also allows us to copy data from one hard drive to another without writing any data back to the original drive using write protection.

The hard drive duplicator allows us to:

– Copy data between hard disks at very high speeds,
– Verify, test, and erase hard disks including the Department of Defense (DoD) standard 7-pass erase.
– Compatible with both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives (Desktop and laptop hard disk drives)
– Check for errors on suspicious drive
– Mount drives to your desktop


The time to complete this can vary on the condition and size of the originating drive, expect approximately 1 hour per 100 GB of storage. Flat rate available if we are informed of the numbers of drives to duplicate.

Available to both home and business customers, on site or if brought to us.

Contact us today for inquires about hard drive duplication.