For any business to become efficient, a computer will be involved in one way or another. Computers have changed our lives from how we communicate with one another, to how we make things. However, they are ever evolving and require continual attention, maintenance, and expertise to keep things going.

You can either choose to try and learn how to deal with computers on your own, which will require a substantial amount of time and resources, taking you away from more important things, or hire TechAlta to manage it for you.

There are many basic questions to think about. Would you like to simplify or complicate your business? Do you wait till there is a problem with a computer, or do you proactively maintain it? Can you survive a loss of any one computer, or prepared with a backup solution? Can you afford to train someone, hire a full time technician, or hire TechAlta?


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Education or Experience?

No computer or network is 100% the same, and this is why we do not use just textbook approaches. Educational training is always needed and gives a technician a basis of understanding but the inclusion of experience is what truly molds them to solve real life computer and network problems. There is no simple back of the book answers for every question or problem.

Why hire someone that has only has one or the other? TechAlta has both the education and experience!

Break-Fix or Proactive?

Some choose to maintain their computers and networks solely when things break down or become slower. This may work for a short period of time for those with small budgets, but you are likely to spend more money and waste more time in the long run.

Having a proactive plan to properly maintain, upgrade, and replace existing equipment will keep your business running smoothly and securely.

Today, Tomorrow, or Trouble?

No one waits for a car accident to happen, so why would you wait for a computer problem to occur? Nor can we predict when either may happen.

Now is as good of a time as any to contact TechAlta for an immediate remote support, or scheduling an on site support technical support.

Worry or Peace of Mind?

Whether you are starting up a brand new home-based business or running an existing one, do you feel confident with how your computer and network is running? If you have any doubt, or even believe your network is running efficiently, give us a call. You might be surprised to find out how easily improving your network could be.

Common Business Services We Provide

The great part is you do not need to pack up your computer and leave your office. We travel to you!

No travel charges to locations within Edmonton. We do travel all across Alberta for a reasonable cost. From Athabasca to Medicine Hat and everywhere else, Alberta is our home.